Warm Hearts ~ Warm Babies provides clothing, blankets, and essential items to premature infants, newborn infants, and young children in crisis, throughout Colorado, free of charge.

We are a 501.3(c) organization that operates with an all-volunteer staff which allows all contributions to be directed towards the babies.


Each year thousands of babies are born to needy families that may not be able to supply the basic needs for a new baby. They are sent “home” with a new baby in a disposable diaper wrapped in a small hospital blanket. Unfortunately, many of these babies are going “home” to shelters, cars, and sometimes the streets. We endeavor to assist these families by providing our layettes to meet this immediate need.


We provide neonatal intensive care units (NICU) with specific items such as positioning rolls and special IV vests.


Special clothing is made and distributed for when they are healthy enough to go home. Very often these items are not readily available in stores.


The most tragic need that we address is the stillborn and deceased infant. We provide a beautiful package for these babies so that they can be wrapped in a memorable outfit and handmade afghan for burial. We feel it is very important for the families to have warm lasting memories of their little angles. The trauma that these families experience is tremendous. We hope that our gifts demonstrate that others share in their sorrow.

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